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Wat Thai 0

Wat Thai – A Study In Protection

Friends-International Thailand (FITH) has been working in the Wat Thai and Rong Wai communities of Bangkok for many years now. Most of the children from these communities, where many families and their children lack...

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Life on a dumpsite

About 30 kilometers south of Vientiane lies a huge dumpsite: the city landfill. Impossible to miss when driving on Road 13: trash as far as the eyes can see, mountains of garbage piling up...


7 Tips For Outreach!

Sharing best practice with partners and also between programs is another key element of the Friends approach. So, with this in mind the Mith Samlanh Saving Lives Coordinator Pin Sokhom from Phnom Penh visited Kaliyan...


Needs Assessed In Siem Reap

The active participation of young people and beneficiary groups is crucial to how Friends develops its service provision. One example of how this works in practice is currently happening in Siem Reap, Cambodia, where...