Needs Assessed In Siem Reap

The active participation of young people and beneficiary groups is crucial to how Friends develops its service provision. One example of how this works in practice is currently happening in Siem Reap, Cambodia, where the Kaliyan Mith Siem Reap (KMSR) program is currently doing needs assessments and beneficiary evaluations across all of their outreach zones in the city and surrounding areas.



The first zone targeted is the River Bank in central Siem Reap, where street living and/or working youth generally hang out in the evenings.  Last night (Monday 25th May) social workers Sothy, Sokheng, Ravan, and Technical Advisor Anna went out for a second time from 9pm-1am to conduct 20-minute interviews with as many youth as they could find. The aim of the interviews is to find out –

  •  If River Bank youth know about, and are accessing, KMSR services
  • What they think of these services
  • How KMSR can improve their services
  • If  they’re not accessing services, why not, and how can KMSR remove potential barriers


The KMSR outreach team will also be conducting a similar process this week in Trapeang Seh, which is a village located near to Angkor Wat, which will allow them to get a holistic picture of the biggest challenges currently facing this community.

We’ll be posting more information on this process in the weeks to come!

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