ChildSafe Movement

The ChildSafe Movement (CSM) engages all actors in society to ‘Join the Movement’ through actively protecting children and by becoming ChildSafe Agents using a dynamic and evolving continuum of protection. CSM was created by Friends-International in 2005, and is powered by Friends-International in collaboration with a global range of Implementing Partners.

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Tourism Industry

Community Based Tourism: a burgeoning industry, but with specific risks for children (who are in direct contact with travelers) – CSM provides training and helps communities build solid child protection systems to ensure good business without hurting their children.

Tour operators: CSM supports tour operators to develop child protective systems in their operations and services to clients to protect and avoid risks for children, their clients and their companies.

Hotels: CSM is working with the hotel industry to develop their systems, policies and practices to protect children as clients, children in their communities and children of staff.

Restaurants: CSM is working with the restaurant industry to develop their systems, policies and practices to protect children as client and children of staff. Restaurants also play an important role in protecting children in their communities and can become ChildSafe Safety Spots.


CSM provides information to tourists about what to look for to better protect children, what to avoid and where to get help if needed.


CSM provides tips and campaigns which promote and encourage responsible and sustainable volunteering practices, and works in collaboration with Governments to develop advocacy and legislation against harmful volunteering.


Citizens: CSM provides tips and campaigns that encourage everyone to protect children in their neighborhood, at work and when they travel and informs on where to get help

Families: CSM provides tips and campaigns to support families to keep children safe, healthy and active as well as information on where to get help

Children: CSM and its mascot, ‘Pook Look’, provide information to children about what risks to look for and how to protect themselves, or where to get help.

Schools and Universities

CSM is working with public and private schools to help them build their children protection policies, systems and train their teams

Strategic Partners

CSM identifies specific strategic partners because of their position and role in a community/country that puts them in a key position to play a significant child protection role.


CSM is working with donors to ensure that their financial support goes to projects that are protecting children and not creating unexpected or accidental harm


  • 7 Tips – simple yet effective advice on actively protecting children, created for a range of stakeholders
  • Campaigns – specific awareness raising and advocacy campaigns on issues generated from the basis of our 7 Tips

ChildSafe Agents

ChildSafe Movement Agents are key people in the active promotion of child protection within their area.

In the wider global arena, trained Agents can form hubs from their area, training others to be Agents and increasing the level and effectiveness of child protection in that area

In communities, these can be, for example, persons who have particular existing local knowledge or contacts within the community, such as taxi drivers, vendors, teachers, etc. They are selected, trained and supported by the ChildSafe team to provide an embedded child protection resource within the community – highly visible, accessible and trusted

Trained Agents from high-profile backgrounds or sectors can act as Ambassadors for ChildSafe, advocating for the wider adoption of ChildSafe practices #everydayheroes

ChildSafe Movement Worldwide

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