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Friends-International is a global leader in social innovation for child protection.

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We Save Lives and Build Futures with marginalized children, families and communities across the world.


Children supported for education – 2023


Youth & caretakers in training and/or supported to find employment  – 2023


Persons supported by Friends Alliance programs & projects – 2023


People aware of children’s issues through ChildSafe Movement community & online campaigns – 2023

Active Agent Protecting Her Community!

Mrs. Meta* is very active in her community within the teeming city of Jakarta. Aside from serving as a female community leader, she is also a preschool and Qu’ran studies teacher and an active member of her organization, Dasawisma (Dasawisma is a...

A New Normal In Siem Reap

Back On The Streets Like many across the world, people in Siem Reap, Cambodia have faced difficult times recently. Months of uncertainty, restrictions, school closures, curfews and severe negative economic impacts. However, things are very slowly returning to a 'new...

First Steps to a Brighter Future

For as long as 11-year old Cicilia* (everyone calls her Lia) can remember it had always been her and her grandmother, Mrs. Yati. She never met her father and her mother left to remarry and now has a family of her own Mr. Fazil is a social worker, one of our Teman Baik...

Partners in Building Futures

It was our honor to be invited to speak and present to the Cambodian National Committee for Homeless People recently, highlighting our long and good collaboration with MoSVY, the Ministry of Social Affairs.

Reintegration from Rehab

Closing GreenHouse Doors Mith Samlanh (MS) closed GreenHouse (Drugs Rehabilitation Center) in April 2020. The closure, due to the wider impact of COVID, had a considerable impact upon the organization. It meant that everyone under the drug rehabilitation program had...

Friends-International is an award-winning innovative social enterprise:

The Reach for Change Child10 Award

The 12th UNWTO Award for Innovation in Non-Governmental Organization

The AGFund First Prize for Child Protection

Schwab Foundation Award for Social Entrepreneurship

Skoll Award for Social Entrepreneurship

World Responsible Tourism Awards