ChildSafe Alliance At The Border ‘Partnership In Poipet’

ChildSafe Alliance Border Activities.

ChildSafe AllianceThe Poipet Deportation Center, located on the Cambodian side of the Thai/Cambodia border marks the location of a very important and challenging new project created  by ChildSafe Alliance partners.

The ChildSafe Alliance is a global partnership of almost 50 like-minded organizations. They have committed to improving the welfare of children using sustainable and rights-based approaches. They share best practice models, together run joint training exercises, and generally look for opportunities to work together more effectively to increase their positive impact upon marginalized populations.

The ChildSafe Drop-in Center (CS DIC) opened its doors there on August 10th 2016. It’s managed by long-established NGO Damnok Toek, working closely alongside two other Alliance partners – Thailand’s Peuan Peuan and Cambodia’s Krousar Thmey.

ChildSafe Alliance

The CS DIC sets out to firstly ensure protection and safety for repatriated migrants when they arrive back to their home country. They also seek to provide sustainable reintegration options for deported and repatriated migrants. Hopefully this will ensure they won’t undertake unsafe travel for work again, but can survive at home in their own country through options provided by the ChildSafe Alliance of NGO’s.

At the CS DIC a wide range of daily activities take place that include counseling for children and their families, migration education (information on safe migration practices), referral to specific organizations providing particular services if needed, and the reintegration of migrant children and youth.

ChildSafe Alliance

As you may imagine, this is particularly challenging work for the teams – more than four hundred children and youth a month are receiving services from them! However the #everydayheroes who make up the teams of our ChildSafe Alliance partners are totally committed to delivering those all-important services with a smile!

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