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Wat Thai 0

Wat Thai – A Study In Protection

Friends-International Thailand (FITH) has been working in the Wat Thai and Rong Wai communities of Bangkok for many years now. Most of the children from these communities, where many families and their children lack...


Voluntourism & Orphanages, Challenges Remain

In Cambodia, Friends-International has worked closely with the Government, other agencies and partnerships such as 3PC, for over ten years now in ending the plight of the thousands of children who have been unnecessarily...


Foster Care & Building A Future – Yin

We spoke recently with Pisith, who is the Building Futures Program coordinator at Mith Samlanh, a ChildSafe Alliance and 3PC partner program which operates in Phnom Penh Cambodia. He talked to us about Yin,...

Big Impact 4 0

Small Program, Big Impact!

In this post we take a brief look at the broad range of work undertaken by one of the smallest (in staff terms) of the Friends-International programs, the Chom Chao program in Cambodia. Chom...


Back To School Days!

School reintegration is one of the most important education-based functions that Friends-International programs perform. Ensuring that children can access their right to education, and can be supported to stay in school is of vital...


ChildSafe Alliance At The Border ‘Partnership In Poipet’

ChildSafe Alliance Border Activities. The Poipet Deportation Center, located on the Cambodian side of the Thai/Cambodia border marks the location of a very important and challenging new project created  by ChildSafe Alliance partners. The...


A New Career In A New Town

From our Friends Laos team This week, Buavone, case management supervisor and Peuan Mit trainer updated the teams about a young graduate from Makphet, who, after completing her training in 2011, is enjoying a...