Tall Hats and Happy Students!

We were recently delighted to welcome two special guests on a flying visit to the Phnom Penh training kitchens at ‘Friends the Restaurant’ and ‘Romdeng’. Lim Sien Chian, (Demi Chef) and Khoo Jit Yong (restaurant manager) came to us from the InterContinental Hotel in Singapore, through the Project Hammer volunteer initiative. This was an amazing opportunity for our young hospitality students to see and learn from two experts in international cuisine in action.

After a brief introduction and orientation to Friends-International, they first spent time in ‘Friends the Restaurant’, then the following day in ‘Romdeng’ demonstrating four Malaysian/Singaporean dishes to the students in each restaurant and also showing them how to make five different cocktails. The students loved the fact that they could participate in the preparation (and of course tasting!) of these new dishes.

The students were very impressed by all the culinary skills in evidence and were really fascinated by the Chef’s outfits, in particular the tall hats they wore which the students loved!

Many thanks to Project Hammer and the InterContinental Hotel Group for this valuable (and very enjoyable) opportunity!

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