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25 Years Of Building Futures – Part Two

In part one of this look at the origins of Friends-International (FI) we heard how they began building futures with the street children of Phnom Penh. We left the story as the original group...


Creative Kids Make Stories 4 Strength!

At Friends, we very much believe in nurturing the creative arts in the children we work with, so we were delighted when last month four artists from New York-based Stories 4 Strength traveled to Siem...


International Alternative Care Conference, Geneva

Cambodia, and recognition of the work of 3PC partners there, was very much in the spotlight at the recent International Conference on Alternative Care held in Geneva, Switzerland, at the beginning of the month....


3PC Phase 2 – Enhancing Child Protection In Cambodia

On Thursday 30th April representatives from the Royal Cambodian Government, Friends-International, UNICEF and 14 partner organizations met to formally launch the second phase of the groundbreaking 3PC program. 3PC, which is an acronym for...


Giving Blood Is Good

When, after seeing our campaign materials, people acknowledge that visiting orphanages, or giving to begging children is actually a harmful practice, they often ask ‘Well, what else can I do to help?’ What can you do?...


Bangkok, BAML & Beads – Building Futures On The 33rd Floor!

This from Thailand Program Director Ann on sharing Friends program approaches with our corporate sector partners… ‘Empowering communities – how rolling up paperbeads leads to better education for children in squatter communities! 15th May,...