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Together Into The Future, Building Futures!

We began our 25th Anniversary celebrations in August 2019. 25 years of finding effective and meaningful ways of ‘Together, building futures’ for the many children, youth, families and communities we call our friends. As...

Big Impact 4 0

Small Program, Big Impact!

In this post we take a brief look at the broad range of work undertaken by one of the smallest (in staff terms) of the Friends-International programs, the Chom Chao program in Cambodia. Chom...


Chom Chao Stories – 1. Sothearith

What is the day-to-day reality of the work of our field teams really like? What challenges do they face on a daily basis? We all celebrate when one of our students graduates, or parents...


A Korean Perspective

Tina Cho is a Korean social worker who is with us in Phnom Penh for a few months, volunteering to support the ChildSafe Movement. She very kindly agreed to share some of her thoughts...


Dropping In To Siem Reap

Drop-in centers (DICs) form a key element of much of our  work across our programs. They allow our beneficiaries to access support and services outwith the times that outreach teams and services work, and...


Drug Training In Thailand

From Ann (Vuthaya Charoenpol), our Country Program Director for Friends Thailand, comes news of some essential work undertaken recently by Peuan Peuan alongside several local NGO’s.     ‘Last Thursday and Friday, Friends Thailand...

Kaliyan Mith Drop in Center 0

A grand reopening in Siem Reap

From our Kaliyan Mith team in Siem Reap, Program Director Ampor provides a tour of the newly re-opened Drop in Center in Siem Reap, servicing the most vulnerable and at risk children in the...


Orientation 2… Drug Outreach

We knew when we were offered big black boots that the most intense day of our orientation was ahead of us. Having exchanged our flimsy soled plimsoles, we hopped on the back of motorbikes...

Painting Activities at Green House 0

A Day In The Life – Green House Social Worker

In this edition of ‘A Day In The Life’ we are introduced to Phanith, social worker at the Green House Detoxification and Rehabilitation Center in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Green House is an important step...