Drug Training In Thailand

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Vuthy from Friends Thailand facilitating

Vuthy from Friends Thailand facilitating

From Ann (Vuthaya Charoenpol), our Country Program Director for Friends Thailand, comes news of some essential work undertaken recently by Peuan Peuan alongside several local NGO’s.


Group work on 'what are drugs?'

Group work on ‘what are drugs?’


‘Last Thursday and Friday, Friends Thailand  provided much needed Basic Drug Training to local NGOs in remote Sangkhlaburi, which is a sub-district of Kanchanaburi province. Sangkhlaburi is located in the far west of Thailand, close to the boundary with Mynmar. There were 17 participants from 3 local NGOs on both the Thai and Myanmar side; One Sky Foundation, Border Health Initiative and Woman and Child Rights Project (WCRP). It was an active and friendly workshop on basic knowledge of drugs and substance use and how to work with beneficiaries. Good response and of course Friends Thailand and the CYTI Alliance are  looking for further collaboration and capacity building with new friends to expand a wider network to protect children locally!’

Goodbye! End of a successful workshop!

Goodbye! End of a successful workshop!

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