Dropping In To Siem Reap

Drop-in centers (DICs) form a key element of much of our  work across our programs. They allow our beneficiaries to access support and services outwith the times that outreach teams and services work, and provide a safe, clean environment for them to do so in.


In Siem Reap the DIC is used as a base for provision of essential services to street living and/or working children and youth in the Siem Reap town center. These include hygiene facilities, hygiene materials, snacks, Non-Formal Education, medical services, life skills, drug prevention and harm reduction, information on hygiene, nutrition, child rights, safe migration and sexual health (HIV/AIDS), etc. Counseling services are also available.


The center in Siem Reap also includes a full-time Non-Formal Education teacher, and two full time social workers. Last year around 40 children a day used the services at the center, and our pictures show children receiving hygiene life skills education and a hygiene pack at the center last week.


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