Off The Dumpsite!


2015-05-14 11.23.14

Venny from our Lao PDR project contacted us with some great news this week.  The program works with 120 children, youth and caretakers from scavenger families who live on the city dumpsite, KM36, outside the capital Vientiane.  Some of the families live there permanently, some come for seasonal work and some live in the nearby villages. Venny told us “The Peuan Mit team has succeeded in finding alternative work for one family and they have moved out of the landfill to be in Vientiane. Initially we helped the husband to find work, they already have one child that we’re supporting and they will be having another child soon so we’re also supporting the mother during her pregnancy and later on will also try to find work for her. “

Good news also for  three sisters who last week moved out of the dump into our Transitional Home in the city while the team prepare them for  family and school reintegration services. Venny said “The sisters were living with their older sister and her husband at the rubbish dump. The older sister also has a small child and the husband is struggling with drugs. The three sisters (aged 9, 13, & 14 years) had not been attending school for 2 years, but we’re hoping that the support we will be giving to them over the summer will help them to start school again in the autumn.”

During last year alone the Peuan Mit team (with support from the UK-based Small Steps Project) visited the dumpsite regularly to provide services to the community living there – these included delivering 588 first aid,  622 nutrition and hygiene, 419 sexual and reproductive health and 452 Non-Formal Education services!

2015-05-14 11.23.00

Peuan Mit works with 120 beneficiaries on the KM36 site

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In 2014, 588 First Aid services were provided to dumpsite inhabitants.

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Peuan Mit also provided 452 non-formal education services during 2014 to dumpsite children.


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