Keep On Running!

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The Siem Reap half marathon, held in Cambodia each December, is not just a test of stamina and skill for participants but also forms a significant part of the fundraising calendar, with many runners pushing their physical limits to raise awareness and funds for their favorite cause or issue.

So it was for FI volunteer Mira Schneiders (our Harm Reduction Program Evaluation Consultant) who decided to run to support us. However, it turned out to be quite an eventful exercise for Mira as, due to staggered starting times, she was about to sprint to the finish line at almost exactly the same moment as eventual marathon winner Joji Mori was doing so also…

The professional meeting the amateur in this situation was not quite the tortoise and the hare, more the ant and the elephant, as hurtling to the tape Joji knocked Mira over, sending her crashing to the ground and injuring her leg in the process!

However, there is a happy ending to this particular tale, as concerned about her injury after the race Joji got in touch with Mira and he arranged to meet her for an ‘I’m sorry’ dinner at Friends the Restaurant in Phnom Penh.

So, as you can see, getting involved in fundraising  for FI can be a very exciting experience – for Mira, it meant literally getting swept off her feet (if a little painfully!)….

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