Partnership In Poipet – The Alliance ‘Dream Team’ In Action!

The ChildSafe Alliance team recently went to Poipet on the Cambodia/Thai border in order to support partner NGO Damnok Toek in the opening of a much needed ChildSafe Drop In Center in Mongkol market: a place where illegal migrants are often deported.

CSA team

This is a very new and exciting joint project that will be coordinated by Damnok Toek with the participation of Cambodian NGO Krousar Thmey and Friends Thailand program Peuan Peuan.

Visit of the border at Lem

This Alliance partnership will be offering a range of services to people, including counseling, the 7 Tips, and referral to other services to migrants in need of support, and it will also do work with and provide services to the many vulnerable children and youth who spend time in and around the market.

The ‘dream team’ from Damnok Toek and ChildSafe Alliance also visited another border hot spot (in Lem) to observe another significant migrant deportation location.

We discussed with the local authorities the extent of the issue there – from our observations we could see that around 100 people were deported in the same afternoon…something we will be following up on very closely indeed!

For our trip we used a ChildSafe Taxi recommended by Damnok Toek: safe, clean but just a few small running repairs were needed to bring us safely back home!

ChildSafe Taxi (1)

ChildSafe Taxi (2)


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