Makphet Hospitality Students Share Their Friends-liness!

During their time in training with Friends our vocational training students don’t just focus on their particular area of study. There are many other things to do, including time to enjoy recreational activities such as sports and other activities.


Cultural activities are a really important element of the reintegration process also – dancing, painting, music… all play a part in ensuring our students are really ready to become active and empowered  citizens of their countries.


The hospitality students from Makphet training restaurant in Vientiane, Laos are pictured here in photos taken by our Peuan Mit program intern, Jane, who left the program just  last week.


During her time with the program she worked on marketing for Makphet restaurant and also found time to help the students with their English.


Her photos show the students studying and working, and reflect the great spirit of Friends-liness that all our students share!

Jane and the students

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