Let The Children Play!

Innovation in play, and the great work done by our Drop-In teams!

This update from the Thai/Cambodia border comes from Vuthy, Aranyaprathet Project Manager.

“Peuan Peuan Aran Drop In Center is located right in the heart of Rongkleu Market where children and young people come in and attend daily Non-Formal Education with Peuan Peuan staff. Last year we had over 400 children in the center, and up-to-date, this year Peuan Peaun staff already provided services to more than 200 children at the Drop In Center.

The Drop In Center is a safe space for children where Peuan Peuan staff deliver educational activities and spend some time to find out what are possible ways to support them into education.

Many activities and games played at the center, some games were introduced by Peuan Peuan staff, like Safe Migration Game, which teaches children what are disadvantages of unsafe migration. Children also are very creative for their own favorites, here is an example of how creative they are.

Floor pool1

It’s one kind of a pool game that the children adapted and play on the floor, with of course whatever is available in the center. The rule is, player is given a ‘marker’ (as a tool to strike the ball).  Each player has to shoot the ball aiming to get the ball out in any exits, the one who manages to get most of the balls out is the winner, as simple as that.  As you can see, simple play that cost next to nothing at Drop In Center, but really, it brought lot of fun and joy to the children…

Floor pool2

So, then let’s support them to have opportunities to learn and play!”

Floor pool3

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