Our partners on the streets – the CYTI Alliance

Friends-International is very proud to support our global partners in the CYTI Alliance who continue to do their work in often trying and extremely difficult circumstances. Recently our thoughts have turned to our partners Casa Asti in Honduras, and FACE and Al Mawa in Egypt.

We have heard very harrowing news from the director of our CYTI partner Casa Asti in the Honduran capital, Tegucigalpa. Three nights ago five of the children they work with were murdered… among the dead was an 18 year old woman 7 months pregnant with twins… the team there are trying to establish the circumstances surrounding this terrible incident.

As the world focuses on the largely peaceful revolution that has taken place in Egypt, disturbing information is coming to light that some of the most vulnerable in the country, the street children, have been caught in the factional cross-fire, subject to threats, physical harm and even death during the turmoil of change. Please see this article for more information – Cairo’s 50,000 street children were abused by this regime

Every day millions of children face terrible risks on the streets of the world. Often those that try to help them face threats to their life and limb. Your support for Friends-International helps us to support not only our own direct work, but that of our partners across the globe in saving the lives and building the futures of children and young people who are pushed to the very margins of society…. find out more about the FI CYTI Alliance here.

Friends-International will of course continue to give whatever assistance we can to our partners to ensure their safety, and that of those they work with.

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