Futures At The Fair!

A Big Event

The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) organized a Youth Future Fair, which drew over 1000 students and youth from local universities and NGOs to the Royal University of Phnom Penh in Cambodia last Saturday. The Fair saw the participation of 32 organizations and government departments, including our very own F3 and Futures Employment teams.

Incubation Info

During the Fair, our teams presented valuable information on incubation, F3, and the Futures Employment Office. Our main focus was on the incubation program, which raised significant interest and enthusiasm from the young people there. Many were pleasantly surprised by the level of support that incubation is willing to offer for their projects, surpassing the initial expectations they had.

Opportunities Ahead

On the day we gained over 200 new followers on our Futures Facebook and F3 social media platforms. Additionally, our collaboration with Impact HUB resulted in cross-promotion at their booth and during panel discussions, bringing even more visibility. We were delighted too that our booth was voted the second most interactive, reflecting the engaging experience we set out to provide to the fair attendees!

Since the Fair, our Futures Office has experienced a surge in requests for information and further contacts regarding our programs. Many young people have expressed their interest in participating in incubation assessments or recommending our offerings to their friends and family.

Overall, the Youth Future Fair proved to be a very successful platform for us to connect further with the youth community and showcase the many valuable opportunities we provide. We are thrilled by the positive response we received and look forward to continuing our efforts in empowering local youth and fostering their #unlimitedcreativity and future success!

Together, #BuildingFutures!

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