Learning together, sharing together! M’Lop Tapang come to Bangkok!

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Cambodian Sihanoukville-based NGO M’Lop Tapang is a long standing Friends CYTI Alliance partner.  Within the CYTI Alliance, sharing of best practice is a key outcome for Alliance members. So it was with great excitement that our Friends-International Peuan Peuan (Thailand) program team based in Bangkok said ‘welcome’ this week to a team from M’Lop Tapang who arrived on a  two day study visit.  The M’lop Tapang team was lead by Sarin, M’Lop Tapang Program Director and three other members, Thet, Setha and Rithya. The visit took place over the 4th and 5th of April.


Teams Together!

Teams Together!

On the first day Peuan Peuan took their visitors to the Bann Meta Juvenile Detention Center to meet the beneficiaries and see the kind of work that the Peuan Peuan teams undertake in this center and others like it in the city. It was also time for the M’Lop Tapang team to experience the night life of downtown Bangkok – no, not clubbing, but outreach work on the busy Sukhumvit Road!


Discussing the schedule for the visit.

Discussing the schedule for the visit.

Peuan Peuan Country Program Director Vuthaya Charoenpol meets the M'Lop Tapang team.

Peuan Peuan Country Program Director Vuthaya Charoenpol meets the M’Lop Tapang team.

Day 2 is for learning and exchanging experiences on ChildSafe. This visit allows both teams a great opportunity to learn more about available referral services and support that can be linked up, so that we can protect children together… more effectively, more efficiently, and of course across a much wider geographic area !

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