Selecting Parent Representatives for Mith Samlanh

(This post from our new Cambodia Communications Officer, Menghourng Ngo)

Last Friday morning at Club Friends Mith Samlanh hosted the Parent Representatives Selection which aims to find excellent and talented messengers to transfer information between communities and Mith Samlanh .

The event was really busy –  81 parents came from different communities across the city to join in!

The selected representatives take on responsibilities such as working closely with Mith Samlanh and authorities, collecting information involving children and youth, coordinating all issues which have happened in communities, reporting any serious problems they are unable to deal with, participating in training courses with Mith Samlanh, visiting and encouraging children in communities, joining meetings with Mith Samlanh, motivating their children to attend school and promoting Mith Samlanh’s services.

Enjoying the full participation of the parents of the children, Mith Samlanh’s staff explained the process of selection and additional responsibilities of the parent representatives.

After this, the Mith Samlanh staff divided parents into groups in order to choose representatives from each group. The discussions took about 15 to 20 minutes. At the end, 25 parent representatives were found, including 17 women.

One representative parent said “I will try my best to respond to my duties. I will immediately report if there are any child-abuses or children not able to join schools.” ‘

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