Where motorways were, now filthy water flows…

‘October 31st – early morning, and a phone call from Thai Public Broadcast Service (Thai PBS) where, 2 days ago, I went to request survival bags for Sapansiri community. I remembered that day well, Khun Or, Thai PBS staff told me she had to put me in a queue to wait my turn…  I didn’t expect such a speedy and efficient response in this ‘crisis for all’ but yes, here they were telling me to come with a 6 wheel truck to take 300 survival bags! I was so happy, but then 6 wheel truck…where on earth I am going to get it? I puzzled, then thought of the Chief of Rangsit Municipality… I called him up and got a great response. He will send a 10 wheel truck, wow this is even better!

I called the team up, Thip, Noi and Muang.  Chet, Thip’s husband also came along to give us a hand. We gathered in front of Thai PBS around 4 pm, but all the trucks they had were broken down through water exposure… so, time to work together again and push the truck in reverse!

Once in the Thai PBS store, we got help uploading the bags from the Royal Thai Navy who were there – they also helped us to figure out how to maneuver our 10-wheeler!

At 7 pm our team along with staff from the municipality headed to Sapansiri using the elevated toll way as there was no way we could at ground level. High (and still rising) floodwaters were all around us. We arrived and downloaded bags onto the  motor boat, working alongside local staff of Rangsit municipality. We had two motor boats. It was quite an experience being on a boat on what was usually a motorway, powering through the filthy, stinking black water that surrounded us… what health problems will this bring in the future to the people affected by these floods…

After braving, darkness, high waters and the added obstacles of sandbag defenses which were completely now under water we arrived at Sapansiri around 8 pm to unload our survival bags for the evacuees. We were exhausted, but excited and very happy that the mission was completed, and thankful to all those who supported us, Thai PBS, Siam Commercial Bank (donation of survival bags), and the Rangsit Municipality teams. Of course my grateful thanks goes to my own team also – working Together (we continue) building futures… ‘

You can support the flood relief work of Peuan Peuan by bank transfer – please see details below. Please send an e-mail with details  to info@friends-international.org if you need a receipt. Thank you on behalf of our Thai team & those affected by floods in Bangkok.

ACCOUNT NAME Friends-International Thailand
ACCOUNT NUMBER 046-1-09894-0
BANK BRANCH Sukhumvit 57
BANK ADDRESS 1147 Sukhumvit Rd., Klongtonnua, Wattana, Bangkok 10110, THAILAND
BENEFICIARY NAME Friends-International Thailand
BENEFICIARY ADDRESS 72/3  Soi Sukhumvit 40,
Bangkok 10110

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