Sebuah bisnis yang berkembang di Jakarta , berkat Yayasan Teman Baik!

Welcome to Jimmy's Repair Shop!

Welcome to Jimmy’s Repair Shop!

More than thirty million people live across the gigantic urban sprawl that is Jakarta, capital of Indonesia. Jakarta is also home to a small but very dedicated Friends program, Yayasan Teman Baik. Since it relocated to Jakarta from Aceh province a couple of years ago, the program has been working to make connections with marginalized people in the city, undertaking outreach work with children and youth, supporting them to find jobs, building a ChildSafe presence there and helping people to stabilize their lives through access to the support they need to do so.

One such success story is a man we will call ‘Jimmy’, and we heard his story first hand from the Country Program Director of Teman Baik, Ari Widodo. Here is what Ari told us…

Jimmy's first location.

Jimmy’s first location.

“Like many in this city, Jimmy was struggling to make ends meet for his family when we met him. He has a young family, two kids – one is still a baby, the other is in elementary school, and of course like all parents he wants the best for his children. We met with him, listened to him and then along with him we came up with a plan for a small business opportunity. Jimmy reckoned there was a need for a puncture repair shop in his area, fixing the tires of some of the many millions using the congested roads of the city every day. We helped out with economic support for the family, plus micro-enterprise start up for his workshop.

New shop, new stock!

New shop, new stock!


We’re delighted to report that Jimmy’s business idea was successful – he has now expanded it to provide more services (oil changes, lighting & mechanical work. etc), moved it to a better location, and most importantly of all is that his older child is able to go to school, and his baby is also thriving,  thanks to his expanding and stable business with the support of Teman Baik. Well done Jimmy!”

Thumbs up for success.

Thumbs up for success.

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