Pre School In Siem Reap


A great deal has been going on in our Kaliyan Mith program in Siem Reap over the last few months. The old center has closed and relocated to new premises, new training businesses have opened in new premises, lots of activities (giant puppets, drumming, rugby training and more) have been taking place, training for foster carers goes on and there have been many things happening in and around our Anlong Pi dump site project.

To add to that list now comes the opening of the preschool day care in the new center, another welcome provision to assist  the mums and dads of Siem Reap.


Our photos show the staff, children and mums during the adaptation period, when the children are just getting used to being in what for them is a very different environment… we see them playing games, having fun and then taking the opportunity to have a well earned rest after all that activity.


Kaliyan Mith is now well on the way to being a truly community based and focused project, one which will pilot many of the approaches we intend to roll out in our other programs in the coming months and years.


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