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CYTI To City – An Eventful Journey !

CYTI Coordinator Sebastien Le Mouëllic updates us on the new CYTI staff member and her eventful journey to HQ… ‘Our new Egyptian colleague, Jeannette Fawzy (who will be representing our CYTI Alliance in Egypt)...


CYTI goes to Egypt… and nearly doesn’t get back!

CYTI Alliance monitoring and support visits are often much more interesting (and challenging!) than staff may anticipate. Get the lowdown on a recent CYTI Alliance trip to Cairo in Egypt from the pen of...


A Week Of Sharing (and more!) At Friends

This week has seen Friends Board Members, Program Directors, International Coordinators, managers and staff from across the world gathering together in Phnom Penh at the FI HQ building for our annual sharing meeting. This...


‘Don’t Tell My Mother!’

Friends-International CYTI Alliance technical advisors travel the globe offering support and advice to our partner organizations in the Alliance. As he comes to the end of his time working for FI, former CYTI coordinator...

First day in Cairo 0

First day in Cairo

After a long, long trip we arrived in Cairo where Pierre and Mohamed were waiting patiently. We showered, ate an interesting Egyptian sandwich and refreshed with a lovely mango juice. Taking the subway from...

Our partners on the streets – the CYTI Alliance

Our partners on the streets – the CYTI Alliance

Friends-International is very proud to support our global partners in the CYTI Alliance who continue to do their work in often trying and extremely difficult circumstances. Recently our thoughts have turned to our partners...

Seb’s Teddy Bear 2

Seb’s Teddy Bear

From: Pierre Cairo, Egypt I’ve now been to Cairo five times to work with FACE Egypt, our local CYTI network partner.  We’ve been helping the FACE team for a year now, assisting them to...

How to Become a Scorpion 0

How to Become a Scorpion

From: Sebastien Cairo, Egypt Coming from Phnom Penh, via Amsterdam (in winter) and arriving in Cairo is quite a culture shock. A overcrowded city of 20 million and 4 million cars (as a man...