Live and kicking at Mith Samlanh!

Mith Samlanh this week hosted a huge football sports competition among its students at Club Friends to entertain and inspire the students and to boost football as a sports activity that many can join in with.

Female team, on the ball!

Female team, on the ball!

More than 40 students joined the competition and the noise generated by the big crowd put a competitive edge on the whole event. Everyone seemed happy, excited and very enthusiastic with the result of the competition.

The competition ended up with three teams winning awards.

“I am so glad to be the first winner. I love playing football and now it becomes my hobby,” a member of one of the winning teams said. “I love Mith Samlanh for I am able to enjoy various kinds of arts and sport activities as well as learning skills.”


Footie time at Club Friends!

Footie time at Club Friends!

Mith Samlanh is a local NGO, which works with marginalized children, youth and communities. It aims to build futures for these groups and reintegrate them into society, and their communities through education and training programs which include cultural and sports activities.

(story – Menghourng Ngo)

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