Friends and SilkAir

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Our long-term and valued supporter and partner Silk Air feature a very special story about the work of Friends-International in the latest edition of ‘Silkwinds’, their in-flight magazine. In it we follow the ups and downs in the story of Sopheap Sok, who first came to Friends in 1996 as a disadvantaged young man determined to turn his life around and who, with the support of Friends,  is now a successful businessman supporting his own children through their education to achieve a better future. Our grateful thanks indeed to Silk Air for giving us permission to reproduce the article here. (Words & Pictures, Andy Gray).

You can view the a PDF version here.

SilkAir Mith Samlanh Article

Silkwinds Mith Samlanh Article page 1

SilkAir Mith Samlanh Article page 2

Silkwinds Mith Samlanh Article page 2


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