Food is my Future

Hello, my name is Keo Khav. I am 23 years old. I have four siblings, and I am the fourth kid. I was seven years old when my parents died. My three siblings and I then opted to stay with an organization in TaKeo Province. I missed my mother at times, but I could only pray for her.

My schooling was enjoyable, and my life was improved. I used to believe that one day I would be a competent English teacher in my town. 

Unfortunately, my dream was dashed when I decided to quit the organization I was in. I made the firm decision to reside in Phnom Penh. I was really frightened to see the city since I had no idea how large it was. 

I was introduced to Mith Samlanh. With my participation in Mith Samlanh, my life began to brighten again as a result of my dedication and confidence. I was so delighted, everything was new to me. I stepped outside of my comfort zone. Case Managers and friends provided me with a great deal of assistance. When I was depressed, my Case Managers were always there for me. My life was becoming better and better by the day. I was provided adequate health care, daily meals, and the ability to learn new skills. 

I am really fond of my culinary ability. The reason for this is, first and foremost, my skill. Second, I went to a restaurant for lunch and overheard many people praising the cooks because “the meals are so great.” I asked them where they learned how to be a good chef. He stated, “I study at Mith Samlanh.” It encouraged me to become a chef. I am a huge fan of cooking. After learning a variety of meals, I was able to practice them at home, including Thai, European cuisine, ice creams, and cakes. I had a great time learning. I worked at a number of restaurants as an intern and demonstrated my abilities to my bosses, who were blown away by what I had accomplished. 

In 2019, I was promoted to work full-time at Romdeng restaurant. I have numerous experiences that have strengthened my abilities. 

Photo supplied by Mith Samlanh
*Please notice the guy wears a white mask.

In 2020, I was promoted to be a Chef leader in Let’s Eat in Mith Samlanh NGO, Wow!!! I cannot imagine how much Mith Samlanh had done for me. I also didn’t expect that I would get a nice salary. My role was to train all students who want to be a good chef for Khmer Food. I was so excited because it is really beneficial for myself and other people. I am still committed to share and express all my knowledge of what I had gone through to the students. 

It is difficult, but I’m happy since all of those pupils will have a bright future due to their abilities. Those graduates will serve as role models and inspiration to others, demonstrating the value of education and the importance of taking risks. 

Again, even if I had grown up in poverty, it would not have been the end of my life. It’s just an opportunity, no matter what I’ve been through in my life and history. Everything happens for a reason, and those reasons have the potential to alter who I am today. 

In the next seven years, I would like to accomplish two things. First, I would like to reunite with all of my siblings as a loving family. Second, I’d like to start my own business. 

Thank you to all of the case managers and Mith Samlanh/Futures team for making me feel welcome and providing me with the finest chance. To encourage and motivate me to be the greatest version of myself today. 

Breaking through all difficulties is the finest thing I’ve ever learned, in my opinion. Thanks!!!

*The name of students has been changed.

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