Citizen Tips – Driving A Protective Agenda In Cambodia

Cambodian Citizen Brochure On April 3rd the ChildSafe Network officially launches ‘7 Tips To Protect Children In Cambodia’, the first ChildSafe Citizen campaign. ChildSafe Citizen tips are based upon the highly successful and widely shared ‘7 Tips For Travelers’, however with a country specific focus promoting responsible citizenship and supporting protective environments for children.


Tip #3 of the Cambodia Citizen Tips focuses upon keeping your children (and yourself) safe whilst driving, and is illustrated with an icon showing a motorcycle helmet. Friends-International  insists upon our program staff wearing helmets whilst on motorcycles, as of course they can save your life in an accident. Sadly, Cambodia has a poor road safety record. A recent Global Status Report estimated that more than 2400 people are killed in road traffic accidents in Cambodia every year. In 2010, figures showed that half of those fatalities were young people aged between 15 and 29. It is also estimated that only around 10-15% of Cambodian drivers possess a driving license, and that many of those who do have not been adequately tested.


So we were also very pleased when the opportunity arose last week for some free motorcycle handling and road safety training for our Kaliyan Mith Siem Reap social workers and staff, courtesy Honda (NCX). Following the half-day training, the 18 staff who attended were presented with  a complimentary copy of  a booklet explaining the Highway Code for Cambodia.

IMG_4940 IMG_4920

We are hopeful that the Cambodian Citizen Tips will be shared widely, and will contribute toward an enhanced sense of public responsibility in the protection of children in Cambodia.

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More information on the tips can be found in Khmer on the ‘Together, Protecting Children’ Facebook page.

Follow this link –

[thank you to Honda (NCX) for their support in providing this training]

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