Casting Votes, Throwing Balls In Siem Reap!

It’s been a busy time at the new Transitional Home (TH) premises  in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Election 1

Transitional Homes are temporary safe shelters for children and young people participating in our programs. Children and young people’s active participation in shaping our programs and services has been a key element in our approach since the beginning of Friends-International.



Recently Child Representative Elections were held in the new TH premises. These elections take place every six months, and the elected representatives are invited to attend the weekly TH staff meetings. All children living at the TH can give feedback/complaints about the operation of the house directly to their representatives, or can give anonymously via a feedback box. The representatives then bring all feedback to the weekly meetings and discuss with staff. A big responsibility!


Soon, the representatives will also help staff to facilitate a group discussion with all children living at the TH to determine the TH’s new rules and regulations! This is also done every six months and gives the children ownership over their space, and ensures they are happy and comfortable during their short stays at their temporary safe shelter.



There has also been exciting activity going on in the grounds of the TH building, as the young people are helping to create a new volleyball court there where they can enjoy playing ball games and other activities – stay tuned for progress!


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