Baking And Making A Difference – Thanks To Jessica And Her Friends!

We have some truly fabulous supporters at Friends-International, and one of those is 14 year-old Jessica Brandon from Los Angeles, California.

Along with her friends Emma Kofman, and Hannah Kelson, Jessica recently organized a neighborhood bake sale to raise funds to support our activities, and raised an amazing $435 on the day (thanks to Jessica’s mom for the pictures)!

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Let’s hear from Jessica about her efforts –

‘When I was in 4th grade, I first had the idea to do a bake sale for FI. It was a great way to support an amazing cause, and I included many friends in the process who were also very excited about what we were doing. This year, I thought having another bake sale would be very fun, and I wanted to do as much as I could for FI. The work that they are doing in Cambodia and around the world is very beneficial to so many people, and I loved the thought that we could change even just one person’s life with the money raised. I worked with two friends, and we baked nonstop the night before and morning of. We set up on a popular LA street, and spent about 4 hours selling baked goods and trying to inform people about Friends International. By the end of the day we raised 435$, and sold almost all that we baked. It was a great experience, and I look forward to other opportunities to support FI in the future.’

From us all at Friends, a huge ‘thank you’ to Jessica and her friends, and indeed to all of you who support us in the work we do. Our teams and, most importantly, the children and young people we work with, are so grateful for that support!

(If you would like to organize an event or activity to raise funds to support our work, please click here for more information)

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