Back to Laos on Monday

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Ghislain and have been back in Cambodia for three weeks which seem to have flown by, leaving us with less time than we’d have liked to work on the cookbook.

There has so much work piled up for both of us here but we expected that. Working with Friends is no walk in the park, but that is what attracts us. The kind of work we are doing is so fulfilling that you naturally just accept all the chaos and stress that comes with it. I would not change it for anything.

Ghislain did however, manage to organize all 13,000 pictures that he took on our last visit to Laos, and is filing them into categories to make some peoples lives easier.

Ket is back being the Program Coordinator in Laos and Madame Vone, our cooking teacher, and the students are back in training at Makphet.

The Makphet team and I  finalized the dishes that will make into the book, but knowing us things may change until the last minute…

Ghislain and I are leaving for Laos on Monday to continue working on the book such as cooking all the recipes, testing them and of course photographing all of this step by step.

I’ll keep you up to date with how all that goes – smoothly I hope!

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