Saturday with Sam & Dee

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Sam & Dee Children's Day at Café Mith Samlanh

Children and Staff enjoying the festivities

Colorful cartoon characters Sam & Dee watched on as children enjoyed the fun-filled morning last Saturday at Cafe Mith Samlanh. There were masses of games and activities to choose from including bowling, fun fishing, face painting, origami and more, and also some tasty food and drink treats including chocolate cake and popcorn (some Daddies really enjoyed those also…). Everything went down a treat for the crowds of little ones and their grown-ups who attended and the really good news is that it will happen again in the near future with even more exciting and special things added.
Remember, entry is free but all proceeds from Cafe Mith Samlanh support the Mith Samlanh center and programs for marginalized children and young people in Phnom Penh.

Watch out for Sam & Dee coming your way again soon!

You can view more photos on our Facebook page here.

Sam & Dee Children's Day at Café Mith Samlanh

The scene at Café Mith Samlanh

Sam & Dee Children's Day at Café Mith Samlanh

Children sipping on drinks during the day

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