3PC – Building Partner Capacity, Creating Protective Networks for Children


How do you go about ensuring that the existing gaps in child protection in Cambodia are addressed effectively?

You not only need to effectively connect child protection best practice organizations together, creating a network (indeed a network of networks, involving their partners too), but to ensure that the capacity of those within that network is enhanced to provide the best possible level of protection. This is how 3PC (the Partnership Program for the Protection of Children), an initiative powered by Friends-International, UNICEF Cambodia and the Ministry of Social Affairs works in Cambodia, connecting over 50 child welfare and protection organizations across the country.

Recently 3PC trainers were called in by partner Cambodian Children’s Trust (CCT) in Battambang to conduct two intensive days of training on child protection. CCT are receiving funding from a pilot Family Care First program to enable them to access expert training resources.

In total 22 persons took part in this training, including community and senior social workers from CCT, and Commune Committee for Women and Children officers.  In addition to covering a general range of child protection issues, specific training was given relating to responses and reactions in relation to incidences of abuse in communities and villages, which is sadly still prevalent across rural Cambodia.

The 3PC model is proving to be a great example of how establishing a network of partners with both general and specific expertise in multiple areas of child protection can contribute to creating nationwide protective environments, in villages and communities, where children can grow and thrive in safety.


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