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What do Cambodian elephants eat? - Friends-International Blog

What do Cambodian elephants eat?

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From: Ghislain, Technical Advisor Vocational Training Businesses
Phnom Penh, Cambodia

This morning I went on outreach with the Mith Samlanh staff and a group of beauty students who volunteered to do manicures and pedicures for some mothers in a community where Friends works. It was great to see students, staff and mothers all spending a good time together, as well as some young girls from the community asking the students about their training. They seemed really excited and I bet they will join the Training Center soon!

While all of this was happening, I sat with a young kid who was looking at one of the books brought by the outreach team. I decided to practice my Khmer, so I start talking with her about the pictures on the book. I show her a picture of an elephant picking fruit from a tree and ask her:
– What is this animal?
– It’s an elephant!
– Yes! and what do elephants eat?
– Rice and prahok!

(For those who aren’t lucky enough to know, prahok is a very tasty fermented fish paste that Cambodians love. So do I… and apparently so do Cambodian elephants!)

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