Thoughts on school from Peuan Mit students

Two of the students recently reintegrated into public school in Loas talked to their housemother about school, Peuan Mit and what they want to be when they grow up.

Where are you from?

A : I’m a girl, I’m 14 and I come from Paksé.

B : I’m a boy, I’m 15 and I’m Vietnamese.

A + B : We live at the  Peuan Mit center, we are students.

Where do you study?

A : I study at Tongkhankham primary school, I’m in 4th grade.

B : I’m in 6th grade at Khoualouang secondary school.

And before, where did you study?

A : I was 3th grade at Paksé.

B : I studied at Xamkhé primary school before. I kept on going to school at the center, I passed in 5th grade and now I am in secondary school.

How do you get to school?

A : I walk to school with 21 friends that also go to the center, and at noon, when we come back, we’re very tired because it’s hot!

B : I go to school by bike, it’s easy!

A : The classroom is nice but the toilets are not good.

B : The teacher is nice and he gives us some very good advice.

What’s the difference between school and the center?

A : At the center during class, there isn’t a lot of noise. At school, I have many friends.

B : School and the center are both good.

Are you happy?

A : I’m very happy because I have a beautiful uniform and the staff gave me books, notebooks and pencils.

B : And I’m happy because my mother can’t support me but the staff at the Peuan Mit center give me courage and I would like to continue with school.

What do you want to do in the future?

A : I would like to be a nurse.

B : I’d rather be a policeman.


A : Because my parents are not in good health.

B : Because policemen are handsome.

What do you think about Peuan Mit?

A : At Peuan Mit, I have a mother, a father, sisters, brothers, like family. To go to school, we have a staff who takes care of us.

B : I think that Peuan Mit gives us a good life, and I like to continue my studies.

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