Visiting Flooded Communities Along The Tonle Sap River

Lucie, our Mith Samlanh Advisor, visits flooded communities along the Tonle Sap River with outreach worker Phalla.

Many families along the Tonle Sap have lost valuable items and have been forced to move from their flooded homes to nearby land. As many as 200 families are now receiving support from the government but there is roughly another 100 that are still in dire need.  Mith Samlanh is conducting ongoing assessments to identify the families not receiving support and in need of urgent material. At this stage mosquito nets and plastic tents are the most needed materials.

Flooded homes along the Tonle Sap River, Phnom Penh

Flooded homes along the Tonle Sap River, Phnom Penh

Children and their parents are beginning to suffer from diarrhea and skin diseases due to the water in their homes. There is a lack of medical supplies as the flood waters make it difficult to access these areas. As a result hygiene levels continue to decline. Mith Samlanh is continuing to provide outreach services such as medical care, life skills and recreational activities to those affected by the flood waters.

Flooded homes along the Tonle Sap River, Phnom Penh

Phalla inspecting flooded homes along the Tonle Sap River, Phnom Penh

Recently the flooding started pushing people from the provinces. It was then we met with a young girl, Ratana (not her real name), 14 years of age. She arrived in Phnom Penh two days ago from Prey Veng with her mother. Due to the rising waters their house and land was flooded so they decided to leave and make their way towards Phnom Penh. Ratana is in grade 7 at school but since leaving their province she can no longer attend and has become worried about her education.

Ratana and her mother are currently sleeping on the street (next to a flooded community). Phalla has proposed Ratana join the Mith Samlanh educational center so she doesn’t fall behind in her education while staying in Phnom Penh. She can take the bus with the other children in the community and join EC at Mith Samlanh.

We really hope to see her face tomorrow morning in Mith Samlanh center!

Update: Ratana did attend her first day at Mith Samlanh much to the relief and happiness of all at Mith Samlanh and Friends.


Direct donations to assist the work of our teams can be made by bank transfer (details below)

BANK NAME: ANZ Royal Bank of Cambodia Limited
BANK ADDRESS: #3 Kramoun Sar & Corner of street 67, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
ACCOUNT NAME: Mith Samlanh

Thanks to all who have already donated or have sent messages of support and encouragement to us. Our beneficiaries and our teams are very grateful for the assistance you have given.

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