Update – Flooding in Siem Reap

Ampor, our program director in Siem Reap, has given us this update on the floods there.

“In Siem Reap the river has overflowed for the 4th consecutive time since 9th October. The level of water had been more or less stable, but during last weekend, it started to increase fast due to heavy rain. Now we have almost reached the same level of water as the floods during P’Chum Ben, the highest level since they began.

Our activities are affected with the education and training centers closed – access is really bad, and the centers are partly flooded – but fortunately we completed our school reintegration last week and relatively few children remain in the remedial class.

The road to our drop-in center is flooded, but at the moment the building is OK so we continue to provide services but are ready to react if this worsens. The prison is flooded, so no activities have been taking place for over a week. Our shop is closed as the Old Market remains under water. Our office and our  transitional home is OK at the moment, but some of our children are not attending school as some public schools are flooded

Two communities remain critically affected (Dey Koh and Wat Svay) with no access possible. We are in phone contact and they have our hotline phone number in case of emergency.

Ten additional families (67 people) have been identified as in needs of food emergency support.

Contradictory information is spreading into Siem Reap about increasing flood waters. However, all information suggests there is more to come.  The one thing we can confirm is the water continues to rise. Since the beginning of the floods the situation has been completely unpredictable. We are keeping the same emergency process as during the Pchum Ben holidays and are hoping for all the best.”


Update 19th of October: Although electricity and web communications are down in Siem Reap at the moment, we have heard that the situation re floodwater is currently stable, and our teams are out in the communities to reassess the situation.



Direct donations to assist the work of our teams can be made by bank transfer (details below)

BANK NAME: ANZ Royal Bank of Cambodia Limited
BANK ADDRESS: 100 Preah Sihanouk Boulevard, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
ACCOUNT NAME: Friends-International Siem Reap

Thanks to all who have already donated or have sent messages of support and encouragement to us. Our beneficiaries and our teams are very grateful for the assistance you have given.

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