UN Secretary General Meets Peuan Mit Students and Staff in Vientiane, Laos.


Photo by Jim Holmes for Unicef


Vientiane, Laos Students and staff from Peuan Mit were able to meet UN Secretary General, Mr. Ban Ki Moon, on his recent visit to Lao PDR.

Two students happily talked with Mr Ban about their hopes of becoming teachers and doctors and presented him with a special gift made by parents in the Home Based Production project – a hand sewn toy elephant and a chili key ring! Read more….

The Peuan Mit Street Children Project – a program for street children, their families and their communities is a collaboration between the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare and Friends-International. Peuan Mit means ‘Friends’ in Lao.

Peuan Mit works with up to 1400 children every month in the Lao capital, Vientiane, helping them to reintegrate back into Lao society and to prevent more children from coming to the streets. Peuan Mit helps children and young people to return to public school, find employment, return to their families, become citizens of their own country, to discover their own culture and to express themselves.

For more information visit www.friends-international.org

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