Their full, healthy smiles is enough for me.

Ms. HoutChinyary has been the Medical Assistant at the Mith Samlanh Clinic Center for over twelve years. Many of the children she sees at clinic having been involved with violence, drugs, abuse and/or come into contact with HIV/AIDS.

Ms. HoutChinyary feels saddened when dealing with many children from marginalized communities, “due to their situation they don’t have access to schooling but instead live and work on the street, never really having a regular, healthy daily diet, access to suitable shelter unlike many of the urban children who have a good family support network and clean living conditions.”

Mith Samlanh Medical Center

“Many of the children are faced with very serious health problems which is why I’m here with Mith Samlanh. I love the children as my own. I want to help protect and educate them about health issues. These are the duties of a doctor; we do all we can to save human lives. Every time I look at the children I feel compelled to help. They continually encourage me to work at Mith Samlanh and I never think about the benefit I get from working with them. Seeing their full, healthy smiles is enough for me.”

What Ms. HoutChinyary loves most is to see children from marginalized communities in good health, ready to build their futures with Mith Samlanh.

Mith Samlanh Medical Team

“I believe that when the children have good health then they are ready to begin building their futures with Mith Samlanh to become productive citizens, able to contribute to the development of our country. They will have good, bright futures.”


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