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100 Thai Teachers Trained & ChildSafe!

ChildSafe is a global Movement, started in 2005, protecting children across the world by actively involving individuals, travelers, communities, businesses and governments in creating safe protective environments in which children and young people can...


Laos Program Success Continues

The Peuan Mit program of Friends-International was launched back in 2004. It is a collaboration with the Lao PDR Ministry of Social Welfare, and it provides a comprehensive range of services to children, youth and their families...


A Remork-able Day!

There are currently 2,126 active ChildSafe members in Siem Reap, Cambodia, helping to protect children in the community from all forms of abuse. Many of those members are remork tuk-tuk or motorcycle drivers, and...


A Khmer New Year Story

Noulin is proud to be a ChildSafe tuk tuk driver who has directly helped children who were at risk. One morning he saw two girls aged 13 and 14 looking lost on the streets...