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Voluntourism & Orphanages, Challenges Remain

In Cambodia, Friends-International has worked closely with the Government, other agencies and partnerships such as 3PC, for over ten years now in ending the plight of the thousands of children who have been unnecessarily...


Orphanages Place Children At Real Risk

We have spent many years raising awareness of the dangers posed by the unregulated residential care institutions (orphanages) which sprang up across Cambodia over the last decade. Not only are the majority of the...


JPA – Youth Advocates For ChildSafe!

The work of Friends-International has always been informed by listening to children and young people, responding to their needs and ensuring through our projects and initiatives that their rights are being met. It’s particularly...

Unicef Nepal 0

Nepal Earthquake – Further Crisis For Children.

The recent terrible earthquake in Nepal has exacted a toll on human lives which has triggered an overwhelming  rush of support and offers of help from outside the country. It has also, naturally, meant a...

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THINK – Support Families, Not Orphanages

  When we launched our ‘Children Are Not Tourist Attractions’ campaign with the support of UNICEF back in 2011 we hoped it would raise awareness and prompt behavior change in the public in relation...


‘A change is gonna come…’

To paraphrase the great Sam Cooke, ‘it’s been a long time coming, but a change is gonna come…’ On Wednesday 8th February in Phnom Penh the Cambodian Ministry of Social Affairs, Veterans and Youth...