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Km52, A Laos Project

Laos and Friends-International go back a long way. To 2004 to be exact, when the Peuan Mit (“Good Friends” in Lao) program launched in partnership with the Laos Ministry of Social Welfare in the...


A New Career In A New Town

From our Friends Laos team This week, Buavone, case management supervisor and Peuan Mit trainer updated the teams about a young graduate from Makphet, who, after completing her training in 2011, is enjoying a...

A spicy Hmong feast 0

A spicy Hmong feast

24 July 2010 Day 17 – Village at Km 52 Today we visited Cheng’s and Yearh’s village about 50 km outside of Vientiane capital, where they were going to cook traditional Hmong dishes for...