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Km52, A Laos Project

Laos and Friends-International go back a long way. To 2004 to be exact, when the Peuan Mit (“Good Friends” in Lao) program launched in partnership with the Laos Ministry of Social Welfare in the...

Futures Now! 0

Futures Now!

Saturday 28th April saw the start of an amazing new adventure for Friends-International and Cambodia program Mith Samlanh, one that will radically transform the existing Mith Samlanh center in the heart of Phnom Penh into...


A School Is Born!

Phnom Penh, Cambodia is a fast -growing city. What were once underdeveloped poor community neighborhoods are being targeted by developers, bringing in large workforces to complete massive building projects. These workers most often bring...


Congo Hosts Community Of Good Practice

Thanks to the support of  ‘Apprentis d’ Auteuil ‘, our head of Partnerships and Technical Support Sebastien Le Mouëllic was recently able to attend a fascinating ‘Community of Good Practice’ seminar in Brazzaville, Congo, held on...