Read it, then wear it!


French magazine Courrier International is making good use of its unsold editions through a partnership with Friends-International.

The unsold Courrier International magazines are being made into messenger bags by socially disadvantaged parents, who are part of Friends-International’s Home Based Production project in Cambodia. They receive help and training from Friends-International and Mith Samlanh to earn an income and support their families, by making bags and accessories out of recycled materials.

The money the parents receive from selling these products is enough to support their families so that their children can go to school instead of having to work. Money made from the sale of these products also helps fund medical insurance for families and any remaining profit is reinvested into the project so that more families can join.

The Courrier International bags are available here and more details about Friends-International’s other products is available from our website. You can also read more about the making of these products in our Stories from the Field blog

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