News from the programs

We at Friends-International are delighted to announce that a new country program director (CPD) has been appointed recently to the Peuan Peuan (Thailand) program. Vuthaya Charoenpol (better known to us as Ann) has taken on the role having been acting CPD since last year. In Lao PDR former program coordinator Ketsone Philaphandet has taken on the role of acting CPD for the Peuan Mit program with the imminent departure of Mark Turgesen for pastures new.

In other program news, CPD’s and senior management gathered in Phnom Penh for over a week of intensive workshops and sharing meetings during late March to map out the way ahead and to reflect on the year gone by for Friends-International. Lots of lively debate and discussion ensued, as did sharing of program achievements to date and the challenges for the future.

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