New collection at friends@240

friends@240 proudly presents its new clothing and accessories line! New cuts and prints in store for you –  now!
In typical funky ‘Friends’ style, fashion meets recycling, transforming into a range of unique products. Find your best cut from a variety of ‘blinged-up’ second-hand jeans or work with our tailoring graduates to revamp them yourself!

Win the style wars in our tops and dresses made of Cambodian cotton, which come in plain vibrant colors or with amazing Cambodian prints. Wrap your support for Friends in giant Khmer print around you, or celebrate the Golden Age of Cambodian Film in our Warholesque 60’s movie star prints!

Carry a little piece of  Phnom Penh with you always! Our new accessories line features stunning street shots decorating the latest bags & money minders, exclusively sold at friends@240.

We hope you enjoy our new collection, and we’d love to hear what you think! Your feedback helps us improve services for our sewing graduates, and of course for you, our customers!

Your friends@240 team!

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Friends@240 New Range

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