Neko Jump meet Peuan Peuan!

Back in July, the Peuan Peuan program in Bangkok had some celebrity visitors, the twin sisters, Neoy and Jam, who make up Thai pop singing sensations Neko Jump.

They wanted to find out for themselves just how social businesses can work to assist some of the most marginalized in society. The girls, appearing on the Thai TV program “Do Good Society” broadcast nationally on Channel 5,  tried their hands at making some paper beads, one of the products which the Peuan  Peuan Program trains parents and caretakers in squatting communities to produce. With these skills they can earn  income which helps them to provide better support to their children, including ensuring they are receiving education.


As you can see from the video, Neko Jump found it wasn’t so easy to make paper beads, but in the end they managed, then went on to highlight some of the other Peuan Peuan products which help to build futures for some of the most marginalized children and families in Bangkok.

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