Little smiles from the field… Friends Thailand, Peuan Peuan

Two lighthearted stories from the field about commitment and finding your way.
By Peuan Peuan Country Program Director, Ann.

Rean REOUN, Cambodian social worker, left, and Min Eaik Siek Mon, Burmese social worker, right, are pictured here at work with Peuan Peuan.

Rean REOUN, Cambodian social worker, left, and Min Eaik Siek Mon, Burmese social worker, right, are pictured here at work with Peuan Peuan.

Rean Reoun – Above and beyond the call of duty.

Rean has been working with us in the Reintegration team for over two years and is one of Peuan Peuan’s great assets. Working with Cambodian children in government centers, coordinating referrals, following up cases and, in August of 2012, taking on the additional role of Hotline Officer means Rean is in charge of the Peuan Peuan Hotline, answering calls and facilitating emergency assistance and caller support.  Like other Hotline officers, it is quite a responsibility and requires incredible commitment.

Some weeks ago while talking with the team, a little bird told me a story of Rean and his dedication and commitment as Hotline Officer.  On this particular occasion, when Rean was the hotline officer on duty, he was unable to accompany his wife to hospital as he had to support a case of a Cambodian baby boy who had become seriously ill. Rean and Nid, Hotline Support Officer, accompanied the baby to hospital where he was admitted and quickly nursed back to health.

We’re all very proud of Rean’s dedication and commitment but have told him that next time he should ask for support from the other officers so he can support his family at hospital!

Min Eaik Siek Mon – Which way was that sir?

From my experience working with foreign staff, they have proven themselves quite skilled in quickly discovering transport routes and local transport tips. Well, at least this is the impression I had from Yarzar, a former foreign staff member of Peuan Peuan. I remember being able to ask Yarzar what bus number it was to go to ‘xx’ place and he incredibly always had the correct answer.

Because of Yarzar, I and others in the team believed that Seik Mon shared this amazing skill.

Last year, when finishing Art Activities at the Prachathipat School in Sapansiri Community, we had equipment and materials to take back to the office in Sukhumvit. Noi, our Outreach team leader asked Siek Mon to fetch a taxi. He walked away and disappeared for almost half an hour! While waiting at the school, we tried to call but there was no answer.

After a time he called back in some confusion and told Noi “I don’t know where I am and I can’t give direction to the taxi driver – please help!” When Noi told the team we burst into tears of laughter. After 5-10 minutes Seik Mon came back with a taxi and we now know that he still needs our tips to build his ‘where-about’ skills… we think a few more outreach and snapshots will do the job!

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