Friends the (New) Website!

After months of planning, discussion, argument, elation, exhaustion, uploading, downloading, cropping, cutting, pasting and many more words ending in –on, -ent and –ing, we at Friends-International are delighted to be able to share our new look website with you today.

New Friends-International Website

The new Friends-International website.

The culmination of a great deal of hard work from our IT, Design, Communications and Management teams, we hope you will enjoy our new look and feel.

We’ve designed the Website to be easier for you to navigate and explore, whilst still incorporating all the elements that are recognizably us, so lots of colourful illustrations from our amazingly talented students sit alongside a design which we hope is not just user-friendly, but actually user-Friends-ly!

We’d love to know what you think about our new site, so please do let us know in the comments section below.
Visit the Friends-International Website.


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  1. Olivier V says:

    Great job !!! Congrats for this new complete and beautiful website !

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