Friends #everydayheroes in Yangon

Myanmar Update

Recent developments in the political climate in Myanmar have inevitably led to heightened tension across the country. Many are facing increased risks, which often hit the most vulnerable hardest.

The #everydayheroes of our program in Yangon, Tha Ngae Chin Myar, have been supporting people throughout the current public health COVID crisis, and the parallel political unrest. The team have themselves been impacted by COVID. Fortunately all have now made full recoveries. Life in the city is still very risky. Bomb blasts, frequent gunfire, roadblocks and arrests are happening on a daily basis.

#SavingLives Goes On

In the latest update from the city, our Country Program Director Thin Thin advised that COVID restrictions were continuing until the end of the month (September 2021). The team have managed to stock up with supplies of dry goods and hygiene products to create support packages. Emergency support has resumed for local families. Visits to the Friends office and Linkage training restaurant to pick up supplies are being made on careful appointment, family by family. This is being done to avoid any adverse reaction from authorities. At the moment, this support is directly helping 112 members of 23 nearby families.

Staying Safe

Families are also being advised on how best to stay safe during these times – how to avoid flashpoint or potentially violent situations, for example, and to keep away from police or Government areas when picking up or returning home with their emergency support packages.

Difficult work under very difficult circumstances. We are very proud of the dedication and resilience of our teams, true #everydayheroes!

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